PROF.Mai El Samah

” Hair loss is a major problem that men and women suffer from, the hair usually shed up to 150 hairs per day so no need to panic in that case if it exceeds then the first step is to know what are the causatives for that kind of hair loss and that  it’s a cycle that takes time to be balanced so be patient with your hair as it takes its own journey of treatment and use the proper products that will give you a satisfying experience “

PROF. Waleed El Balat

” Capixy tonic is rich active with ingredients that works on the causatives of hair loss, it’s your solution for hair thinning and weakness, increases the anagen hair mass and decreases the telogen hair mass, it also strengthens your hair follicle in order to have a stronger and fuller hair “

DR. Noura Hamasa

” Recommend that during our hair loss treatment we need to use a medicated shampoo that supports the hair vitality and doesn’t have chemicals in it, capixy shampoo is not only safe on your scalp but contains ingredients that support the hair growth and the hair follicles strength that facilities the growth of a strong and thick hair strand “

DR. Naglaa Fathy

” Your hair needs caring from the ends too, the best way to style and comb your hair is with capixy cream and also it covers and engulf the hair to protect it from environmental damage, and with the power of natural oils it moisturizes and treat split ends “

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