Dr. Omar El Biaa

” Soralone is a very respectable, multi-use moisturizer. I personally write about it to moisturize the skin after body sculpting and surgical tightening operations. It moisturizes the skin, stimulates production of collagen which is essential for the skin and reduces the sensation of the corset and the itching that can occur from it. It also reduces bruising and helps the skin recover quickly, so I consider it part of the routine for the skin after operations, especially in the first month.

Also, after laser and after injection sessions, whether filler or Botox in the face, because it contains arnica, which reduces bruises. This is of course used for dry skin as part of the routine especially in winter “

Dr. Ahmed El Attar

” Dandruff is an issue that decreases your confidence and keep you irritated, Soralone shampoo doesn’t only cure your dandruff and eradicate the undesired flakes, it soothes and moisturize the scalp deeply and with the power of MDI complex the scalp integrity is stronger because if preserve the collagen and stimulates it, which is an essential part of the skin “

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