DR. Sherihan Allam

Continuous exposure to UV Rays can cause a lot of problems to your skin including hyperpigmentation and early aging and damage in the skin layers, Vacation Sunscreen cream offers you a broad-spectrum protection against UVB, UVA and blue rays, anti-oxidant effect and moisturization through out the day to have a skin with an even tone and healthy appearance

DR. Nesreen Ezz

” What I love about Vacation Sunscreen lotion is that it gives the benefit of the protection against all UV Rays, free radicals, stabilize the excess oil production and decrease the bacterial build up on the skin with the power of tea tree oil, it offers a soft finish with a soothing effect “

DR. Reham Nassar

Life should be easier, that’s why I prefer Vacation sunscreen spray that gives complete coverage with easy application and broad-spectrum protection against UV rays with a transparent touch and a delicate soft touch

DR. Heba Adel

” I usually recommend a sunscreen that gives several benefits, Vacation sunscreen pure touch hydro gel gives you triple effect; protection, hydration and anti-spotting, it’s rich with hyaluronic acid and neossence squalane that deeply hydrates and rejuvenate the skin with niacinamide also it contains alpha-Arbutin, brightenyl and Liquorice Extract that brightens dark spots and a matt finish “

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